Are you the favorite child?

Are you the favorite child? Are you the child they are just keeping around? Find out When you take this quiz. Many relatable questions that will give you an accurate answer.

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Created by: Siena

  1. Are you the oldest or the youngest? Middle? IDK?
  2. Do you play more than one sport?
  3. Do you get good grades?
  4. Are you stinky?
  5. Are you generally dumb? (y brother is the inspiration for this question)
  6. Are you messy? Do your siblings constantly complain? (My brother was also the inspiration for this question)
  7. Are you responsible?
  8. Are your parents more likely to say yes to you or your siblings?
  9. Are you being honest in your answers, if you feel like you are mistreated, and you are the youngest, go back and get your siblings opinion on your answers?
  10. Do your sibling and your mom talk way more than you and your mom talk? Do you talk to your dad more?

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Quiz topic: Am I the favorite child?