Birth Order Personality

Your personality has a lot to do with your birth order. Whether you are the eldest in the family, middle, an only child or youngest, this affects the person you become.

Our real birth order determines our personality. You may be a middle child but perceive yourself like the eldest in the family. Take this quiz to find out who you really are!

Created by: chrystallee
  1. I believed my parents had high expectations of me.
  2. I was babied by my family members.
  3. My family was more involved in my life than I wanted.
  4. It seemed like I was in a race trying to catch up.
  5. It was important to me to please adults.
  6. My family did not respect my privacy.
  7. I felt isolated from others.
  8. It was easy to talk my brothers and sisters into giving me things.
  9. My parents worried a lot about me.
  10. I was taken less seriously than anyone in the family.
  11. It was important to me to advise my brothers and sisters about right and wrong.
  12. I was seen as being the most charming in the family.
  13. It seemed like I never had my parents' full attention.
  14. My parents tried to control me.
  15. I am more organized and structured than others in my family.
  16. I was pampered by my family members.
  17. Other family members saw me as the least capable.
  18. It was important to me that others do things right.
  19. My parents tried to manage my life.
  20. I was good at getting others to do things for me.
  21. It seemed like I was less important than other members of my family.
  22. I wanted to satisfy my parents.
  23. My parents wanted to know about everything that was going on in my life.
  24. It was easy to talk my parents into giving me things.
  25. I often felt less loved than others in my family.
  26. I felt smothered by my parents.
  27. It was important to me to do things right.
  28. When I wanted to I could be the ruler of the family.
  29. I often felt that I was treated more unfairly than others in the family.
  30. I was good at getting what I wanted from my family.
  31. I felt like I lived in a fishbowl.
  32. It was important to me to make good grades in school.
  33. I felt disconnected from others in my family.
  34. My parents considered everything that was my business, their business too.
  35. It was important for me to be the best.
  36. I felt squeezed out by my brothers and sisters.
  37. My parents were busybodies.
  38. I liked order more than other people in my family.
  39. I was seen as the most adorable in my family.
  40. It was important to me that my brothers and sisters do things right.
  41. I was treated less justly than others in my family.
  42. I wanted others in my family to do things properly.
  43. I felt like I was less valuable than other members in my family.
  44. I liked doing things the correct way.
  45. I felt left out by my brothers and sisters.

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