What is your 'Once Upon A Flame' personality color?

Most personality quizzes are completely predictable. I wanted one that was based on real personalities. I used my friends and family members to create this one and every color is based on a dye choice from www.OnceUponAFlame.com

No one can be summed up by answering a few questions so don't be upset if I missed the mark. Feel free to tell me about it so I can adjust settings! I love getting feedback on everything in order to make it better.

Created by: Erica

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You would rather listen to:
  2. You would rather be:
  3. You would rather watch:
  4. On your Christmas list this year:
  5. Your favorite food is:
  6. Your myspace background is:
  7. Your favorite subject in school is/was:
  8. Colors that appeal to you are:
  9. Your favorite animals (fact or fiction):
  10. Your favorite setting:

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Quiz topic: What is my 'Once Upon A Flame' personality color?