What color looks best on you

Take this quiz and find out all about your make-up personality. And if you like this magazine, you’ll love this quiz! It talks all about you so the quiz should be perfectly correct. PS these are just suggestions, use your own instincts. Good luck!

Do you know what color your personality harmonizes with? Take this Quiz to find out! This Quiz identifies your personality and matches what color of hair would be a good one to color it if you’re looking for one!

Created by: Ruby
  1. What is your natural hair color?
  2. What is the tone of your skin
  3. What is your favorite activity?
  4. What is your favorite outfit
  5. What's your favorite store
  6. What's your fav top
  7. Fav types of pants?
  8. Fav color
  9. Fav Song?
  10. Fav Shoes

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