The Great Punishment Quiz of Logical Consequences

Do you have someone misbehaving? Do you think their actions should have logical and thorough consequences? You're in the right place! We recommend taking this quiz for every individual infraction!

Whether you're trying to stem the defiant behavior of a misbehaving child or are trying to remind your husband why he's not supposed to lie to you, we have the punishment you should dole out.

Created by: Ugga

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  1. What was the infraction?
  2. What was the infraction (part 2)
  3. Is the punishee sorry?
  4. Did they make ammends?
  5. How old are they?
  6. How do you want to punish them?
  7. Are you ok with corporal punishment?
  8. Did they lie about their infraction?
  9. Are they punished often?
  10. Do you want to add what you think they should get?

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