How good are you in logical questions?

There are many people in this world. Some are stupid, some are smart. But not everyone is good at logical questions. When a logic works, someone will be able to do hard things easily and solve it simply.

Are you good at logical questions? I don't know. Take this quiz. Try to answer each question well. Well... Think critically because some questions can be trolling.

Created by: Matmail
  1. If dumble is tupple and tupple is tripple. Does dumble is tripple?
  2. A man dig a hole in dirts. Making a 2x3x4 meters hole. How much kilograms of dirts is in the hole?
  3. A butcher standing 165 centimeters height. His shoes have a size of 42 centimeters. What does he weigh?
  4. A builder is making a house. Its walls are all facing south. Suddenly a bear come across. What's the color of the bear?
  5. How many months in a year that have 28 days?
  6. What's the only word spelt incorrectly?
  7. There are 5 tiles. Orange, white, blue, purple, and yellow. A isn't orange. B is either purple or yellow. C is neither blue or white. D is next to A. E isn't next to A or D. Where's A?
  8. John's mother has 5 children. The names are May, April, June, July, and the last one. Who's the name of the last children?
  9. There are 5 blue balls and 5 red balls in a box. Adrian takes randomly 2 balls from the box. How many probability does the blue and red ball occurs?
  10. Lachlan stands on a tile. He goes to the north 5 tiles, then goes to the south 2 tiles. He goes to the east 4 tiles, south 8 tiles, then west 6 tiles. He goes to the north 2 tiles. On what tile does he stands up?
  11. Is 0 a prime, composite, or neutral number?
  12. Which one of these below is a non-sense?
  13. Which one of these below doesn't belong to the category?
  14. When does exactly Happy New Year?
  15. How much gramar mistake are on this sentens!
  16. When is midnight?
  17. Rob is riding from city A to B with speed 120 kilometers/hour. Jay is riding from city B to A with speed 80 kilometers/hour. If the distance between A and B is 600 kilometers and starts riding together at 8 AM. On what time do they meet up?
  18. You are in a dark cave. You only have matches in your pockets. In the cave, there are driftwood, empty oil lamp, and empty battery flashlight. You need a light to get out. What thing do you lit first?
  19. Which one below is the wrong written sentence?
  20. A : "Everyday the stars shines brightly". B : "Everyday is a happy day. What's the conclusion?
  21. Popular game called Bingo has been known almost all around the world, by teens and adults. If Argo completes 64 Bingo boards out of 100 Bingo boards. How many does his hope of frequency?
  22. 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 39, ???. Which one follows?
  23. Can I say that you're stupid?
  24. X, E, O, B, C, ???. Which one of the followings can fill up the question mark?
  25. Water is divine. Temple is divine. Opinion A : Water is Temple. Opinion B : Water is in Temple. Which one is correct?
  26. If you are in a match, you pass the second position of the match. In what position are you?
  27. If you are in a match, you pass the last position of the match. In what position are you?
  28. "Fruits are the best food in your life, they contain a lot of nutritions and vitamins. Eating them makes your body healthy and refreshed every day." How many F and I is in the text above?
  29. Which one of the followings connected to one another?
  30. Writing is as reading. Which one has the same connection?
  31. How many days are from Monday to Sunday?
  32. "Once, there was a businessman came into a barber in the town. While the barber was cutting his hair, a child called Delo entered the store. The barber said that this child was the most stupid child ever, to proof : He put 20 dollars in his left hand and 10 dollars in his right hand. The barber told Delo to take the money from his left's or right's, Delo took the right one. The barber's very proud of showing that he could proof. After the businessman finished his cut, he went out from the store and ask Delo, why did he take the right one. Then, (discontinued)." Which of the followings is the stupid person related to the story?
  33. This question has no answer.
  34. There's a classroom which has (X) students. In the classroom, 20 like Math, 20 like Science, 5 like both, and 5 like neither. How many students are in the class?
  35. This quiz is finished and if I need to, I will add more questions. Press "Yes" for this question, because I'm not lie-ing.

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Quiz topic: How good am I in logical questions?