Are you a logical person?

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First and foremost this test was created for fun and is no way near an IQ test or anything of the sort. This test was created with logic in mind. I created in order to get a more (in my opinion) better analysis on the logical aptitude of people. Come take my quiz to see if you have what it takes to be (or are) a logical thinker.

Have you wondered whether or not you are a logical thinker? Do you wish to test your skills? I made this test to challenge the mind in order to get the best results. Come take take my quiz and see if you are up to the challenge. Are you a logic genius? (They made me do this)

Created by: Matthew
  1. For what value does the following equation become true: A - B = A + B, for A?
  2. Let ABC = XYZ. Is there any values that can make the equation true given no number can be used twice.
  3. Today is opposite day. You face north and spin 3 1/2 times clock wise. You walk forward, turn right, and spin counterclockwise 1 1/4 times. What direction are you facing?
  4. How many hands does a clock have?
  5. Einstein came up with the famous equation: E = MC^2. Does 2E = 2((MC^2)/C^2)2C^2 the same as E = MC^2?
  6. What number equals itself if first you add it, divide it and then subtract it from itself.
  7. How many vowels are there in the sentence: There are no vowels?
  8. There are five TRUE answers only one is RIGHT. The correct answer is contained in the numbers: 6, 9, 18, 19, 20.
  9. On Monday I had 2 cups of coffee, Tuesday 3 cups, Wednesday 4 cups, Thursday 3 cups, Friday 2 cups, Saturday 3 cups and Sunday 3 cups. How many cups did I have yesterday?
  10. Is there a number that is equal to its opposite?
  11. A man picks up a weight that is equal to half his weight. He steps on a scale and it reads "200". He is wearing 100 pounds of gear. what weighs more the weight or the gear?
  12. How many shapes can be formed within a circle?
  13. How many ways are there to rearrange the word SASS so that you always end up with the original word.
  14. Todd loves May. May loves Jack. Therefore, Todd loves Jack.
  15. What goes "quack" but isn't a duck?
  16. There are 3 yellow balls, 2 red balls, 1 green ball, 4 white balls, and 7 black balls. What are the odds of pulling out a white ball, a red ball, then a white ball.
  17. There are 100 people in a room. When a person leaves two more come in. Every third person that leaves another person comes in. How many people are there if 100 people leave?
  18. You are near the end. How are you doing so far? (remember to rate this quiz when you finish!!)
  19. What direction does a compass face upside down.

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