Let's Get Logical

Logic is a word for what you use to solve riddles and brain-teasers. It's distributed in different ways and in different amounts to everyone, and you can improve your logic if you try hard.

But how logical are you, really? Tests and quizzes at school don't tell you that. So why not take this quiz, and find out? Your brain will get a workout as you puzzle over these riddles, puzzles, and tricky tricksters. Good luck, and may your logic prevail!

Created by: BrainNerd
  1. What are the next two numbers in this sequence: 7142128354956...
  2. Joe, Bell, and Mark are in questioning with the police. Someone has been kidnapped, and they are the prime suspects. The only message on the desk was a paper saying "Flip" and a calculator. The calculator read, "7738". Who did it?
  3. There is a fire raging in a library. The library contains any number of precious books and artifacts, including a medieval book of magic, a stone with hieroglyphs on it, a box that nobody can open but bears the mark of a King, and scrolls from Ancient Greece. It also holds a spray bottle full of water and a bag of sand from a long-ago temple. Which would it be BEST to use or save first?
  4. Choose the odd one out.
  5. I'm going shopping with my mother's uncle's daughter's brother's only cousin. Who am I shopping with?
  6. Choose the liar.
  7. What is wrong with this statement?
  8. If HTWTTWWFFH equals 2464466772, what does TWWHFFHFTT equal?
  9. Choose the odd one out.
  10. Scientists have intercepted an alien message! It says, "We are Martians from Planet Candy". Why do they suspect the message is a fake?
  11. There is a room, lit by a window. You enter the room and are faced with two options to exit. What are they?
  12. April, May, June, July, and August are siblings. Given these clues, can you tell what order were they born in? April isn't next to May, but is next to July. June is before August, but after April. May is after July. July is before April. August is not last but is after April. Hint; Use process of elimination to solve this.
  13. Final question. This is a riddle with one answer. You should find the answer below. I have play before work That's just one of my quirks: And here are a few more clues. I hold hickory nuts, palm trees, and reeds, You can find whatever you need, And the answer's inside of me, too.

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