A.N.T. Farm: China Parks Quiz

Do YOU think you know a lot about main A.N.T. Farm character China Parks? Well, if you take this quiz you'll find out! I'll bet you you don't know as much as you thought you did.

When take this quiz, make sure you aren't answering just the logical answer, because barely anything in A.N.T. Farm is logical. Good luck, and remember my advice!

Created by: Quizzy Queenie
  1. Who is China's best friend?
  2. What is China's gift?
  3. What song did China sing in the hallway?
  4. What is one of the people that China becomes on black history presentation day?
  5. How old is China?
  6. Who is China's arch enemy?
  7. Who is the odd man who shuts down the school's production of "Grease"?
  8. In episode 2, what does China do when she auditions for the school play?
  9. One more question!
  10. What is China's hair color?

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