This quiz is for all those who do not belong to the most populous country in the world - China. China is full of mysteries and it has a long history. Have you ever tried to know this country? Take this quiz. Let us see how much you know about China.

Have you ever been to China? Have you ever read something about China? Have you ever thought about living in China? Take this quiz. Know China more and let us know you more.

Created by: EvsChina
  1. What was the population of China when it was founded in 1949?
  2. What is the most popular religion in China?
  3. How many main cuisines in China?
  4. What do most Chinese people do before going to sleep?
  5. What is the contact number for police in China?
  6. What do Chinese people call foreigners?
  7. What is the symbol of female in China?
  8. According to the rule, on which side of the road do cars run in China?
  9. How many stock exchanges are there in mainland China?
  10. Which of the following number means stupid person in Chinese?
  11. Which of the following means boys being popular with girls?
  12. How many different surnames are there in China?
  13. Which color is royal color in ancient China?
  14. When Chinese praise beauties, which item is not included?

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