The Country Quiz

Countries are inhabited with millions of people. There are several hundred countries in the world. The biggest country, Russia. The most inhabited country, China. The world has 6.2 billion people because of these countries.

Do you know a lot about the countries? Take this quiz to find out, how much you know about them! You might know a lot, you might know a little. But hey! Don't worry! It is not a grade. It will not say your stupid! So take this quiz!

Created by: Freakazoid
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  1. Which one of these countries is in Asia?
  2. Which one of these countries is in Africa?
  3. Which one of these countries is in South America?
  4. Which one of these countries is in Europe?
  5. Which one of these countries is in North America?
  6. Which three countries make up Scandanavia?
  7. What is the population of America?
  8. What is the largest state in America?
  9. Which two languages does Canada speak?
  10. Where is Algeria located?
  11. What country was part of the Axis during World War II?
  12. What is the 2nd largest country in the world?

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