Are You a Good Among Us Player?

Hello, I made this quiz for all you Among Us lovers,... But do you have what it takes to be a good game player? Do you know how to win every round? Come now let's see if you are good at the viral game on the Internet... Among Us!

Are ready for this quiz? Are you sure you got this, cause I'm not easy on you? Let's see I hope all of you enjoy this quiz and share, like and, rate, and don't forget this game you have to be sly and smart. ENJOY~

Created by: lonerwolf
  1. Ok, first do you know what Among Us is?
  2. How many crew members can there be?
  3. Who is the developer of Among Us?
  4. How many imposters can there be in one game?
  5. When was the game published?
  6. What is the imposter's job?
  7. What media is Among Us viral on?
  8. Do people make YouTube videos about Among Us?
  9. How do u play
  10. Pls comment your result.
  11. Are you good at playing?
  12. Do you have to have a code to play the same with a friend?
  13. What devices can you download it on?
  14. Do you win
  15. What is the crew mates job?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Good Among Us Player?