Are you a good Among Us player?

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Hey, Among Us fellow fans! I made this quiz cuz all the other quizzes were just about knowledge about Among Us, nothing really about playing Among Us its self. That's why I named this Are You a Good Among Us Player, instead of How well Do You Know Among Us.

Because I want to see how actually smart you are, not just Among Us facts. So help yourselves, and get ready, because we are about to launch, 5...4...3...2...1!!!!!! See ya! And Rate and comment!!!!!!!!! Plz!

Created by: Psionpath

  1. You're getting into a game. There is five suggestions at the top of the list. Which do you pick?
  2. Yay! You're in the game! Now, quick, which color would you pick?
  3. We're starting! 5....4...3...2...1...SHHHH!!! You're Imposter!!!
  4. The game has begun! Pink is also an Imposter. What do you do?
  5. You're in MedBay! Blue is doing a scan. You HAVE to go in a vent (for some reason), but if you do, Blue will see you! What do you do?
  6. You have just killed Orange, and you're running away. Emergency meeting is called! Green reported the body!
  7. Whew! Everyone voted Red, so Red was ejected, but YOU weren't! Now, you've gone to Security, and you see Pink (the other Imposter) killing White. Black is coming in. What do you do?!
  8. Okay, now we're back in the Cafeteria. Turquoise and Purple are with you. So is Lime, and Green. You....
  9. Roleplay question, what's your favorite fast food?
  10. Now, we're starting again, but this time, you're Crewmate! Got that?
  11. Now, you're scanning yourself in MedBay (Sorry I keep mentioning MedBay, its my fav place in the Among Us map)and Black comes in. What do you do?
  12. You are on the way to do another task when you find a body. You...
  13. White called an Emergency Meeting. Now, Pink is sure that Blue is Imposter. Blue is denying it and says Orange was near the body. Orange says he was doing a task, but that he saw Purple vent. Black keeps on saying sus stuff. Green skips voting. Who do you vote?
  14. The meeting is finished, and Pink was ejected. Pink was the Imposter. (by the way, this does not mean you will change your answer. I swear, it will not help your score.)Two Imposter remain! Suddenly, one of them sabotaged the lights! You…
  15. Now, Last question, do you like snow?

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