How well do you know Nicki Minaj?

There are many Nicki Minaj fans in this world.. But not many true, dedicated ones. To be a true fan of her is quite exceptional. Who is a true fan? A true fan who knows everything about her. Who watches her on TV all the time. Who listens to her albums 24/7. Who knows EVERYTHING about her.

Are you a true fan? Do you have the dedication, the beauty, the EVERYTHING to qualify for this truly amazing title of.. A Nicki Minaj SUPERFAN!?!? Thanks to this awesome quiz, you will not find out. Take it, please :)

Created by: Sezzy
  1. When was Nicki Minaj born?
  2. Who is Nicki Minaj married to?
  3. What is the sixth track on her first album?
  4. What is her new album called?
  5. When did Nicki Minaj join Young Money?
  6. What was her first mixtape with Young Money?
  7. Nicki Minaj does __________ music..
  8. What's her real last name?
  9. What was her first single?
  10. What was her first rap name?
  11. How much does she like liars?
  12. How many other artists are featured on Nicki's debut album?
  13. "I remember when I couldn't buy my mother a ___ Now I'm sittin' at the closin', bought my mother a house". According to the lyrics, what couldn't she once afford to buy her mom?
  14. By 2010, how many mixtapes had Nicki made?
  15. Who is Roman?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nicki Minaj?