Nicki Minaj Quiz:)

Lots and lots of people love Nicki Minaj and some dont but if you love her than you should take this quiz so you can use all of your Nicki beauty and see if you got it all goin on:)

So.. do ya do ya really like her if you said yes take the quiz im not holdin you bck come on and take the quiz if you dont i no you dont no nothen about her if you do you are off tha chain:)

Created by: Tavia

  1. What is Nicki Minaj's real name
  2. What is Nicki Minaj's favorite color?
  3. What does Nicki Minaj like to be called?
  4. What color Friday did Nicki Minaj make up?
  5. When did Nicki Minaj 1st come out?
  6. Who brought Nicki Minaj into the fame life?
  7. What song did Nicki Minaj come out with?
  8. Where was Nicki Minaj born?
  9. What year was Nicki Minaj born?
  10. When was Nicki Minaj born?

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