Do you know Nicki Minaj?

This is one of the quizzes of my Do you know celebs series. That's pretty much what my quizzes will be about. Please make sure to check the others out!

I have a question. Do you think that I should start a Do you know different places around the world series? If you do plz tel me in comments and If there is someone you want to have a quiz bout tell me in comments

Created by: GoGirl123

  1. Where was she born?
  2. Bout how many songs does she have?
  3. What year did she singing and becoming a singer
  4. What song was she in that made a big hit?
  5. How many siblings does she have?
  6. Is Nicki Minaj her real name?
  8. Is she better at?
  9. How big is she?
  10. What was her 1st song?
  11. What was the Month, Day, and Year she was born?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Nicki Minaj?