How Well Do You Know Nicki Minaj

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Everyone these days are loving Nicki Minaj she is the highest selling female rapper this decade and is known to be called the Queen Of Rap.Who is Nicki Minaj she is a boss at the rap game and is mogul.

There are many people who think they know who is Nicki Minaj who call them selfs barbz but are you a barb ? Do you know everything about The Queen Of Rap or do you just like her ? Well find out and see How Well You Know Nicki Minaj

Created by: Onika Maraj
  1. What is Nicki Minaj real full name ?
  2. Where was Nicki Minaj born ?
  3. When was she born ?
  4. Did she have an abortion ?
  5. Who is she dating ?
  6. What solo single went number 2 on The Billboard Hot 100 ?
  7. How many times has she won 'BET Best Female Hip-Hop Artist'
  8. Is she the only female on the Cash King Forbes list ?
  9. How many albums does she have ? (2015)
  10. In what year was The Pinkprint released ?
  11. What is the first song on The Pinkprint ?
  12. What is her networth ? (2015)
  13. What alcohol beverage is co-owner of ?
  14. What is the name of her clothing line ?
  15. What was her first perfume called ?
  16. What is her newest perfume ? (2015)
  17. How many movie roles has she played in ?
  18. Who did she call a b---- on stage at the VMAs ?
  19. Who did she open the VMA's 2015 with ?
  20. Did all her albums go number 1 on The Billboard Hot 200 ?

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