The Nicki Minaj Ultimate Quiz

There are Some Smart people Out There in the World.Will One Of Them Be You? How About You Take This Ultimate Nicki Minaj Quiz.Will You Be A Nicki Minaj Genius and Nicki Minaj fan.You'll Find Out When You Take This Quiz in Just a Moment.

Are YOU A Genius and a Nicki Minaj Fan?Do You Have The Brain Power To Qualify This Test For The Prestigious title ?Until Now You Could Only Wonder But Thanks To This Great quiz,You will find out in a Few minutes!

Created by: Sherry Jackson
  1. Where Was Nicki Minaj Born
  2. What Did Nicki's Father Do To Try To Kill Her Mother
  3. What Is Her Real Name
  4. When Was Nicki Born
  5. Her Dad Drank Heavily & Was On Drugs
  6. What Was The Name Of Her First Mixtape
  7. What Is Nicki's Parents Name?
  8. (A Hard One)What Middle School Did Nicki Go To?
  9. What Is Nicki Favorite TV Show?
  10. What Instrument Did Minaj Play In Middle School
  11. What High School Did Minaj go to?
  12. Her High School Was NOT A Performing Arts High School
  13. What Happened to Nicki On The Day Of Her Singing Audition?
  14. What Did She Do After Failing Her Singing Audition
  15. Which Are Not One Of Her Genres?
  16. What Job Did Nicki Work At In The Bronx
  17. How Nicki Get Fired From RL?
  18. Where Did Minaj Move?
  19. What Age Was Minaj When She Moved to Queens?
  20. Which Of Nicki Relatives Died In 2011?
  21. Who Cared For Nicki And Her Siblings Until She Moved To Queens and Where did she live
  22. What Album Will Be Released in Spring 2013?
  23. What Does Nicki Minaj like To be Called
  24. (a easy one)What Is Minaj Debut Album Called
  25. What Record Label Was Minaj With Until She With Young Money Ent.(Entertainment)
  26. What Number Did Pink Friday Peak at On the Billboard Top 200
  27. When Did Nicki Sign To Young Money Entertainment(Ent.) in August...
  28. What Song is this from: Who The H*ll is This Callin me at 12:47 in the night while I'm watchin the Fight

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