How well do you know Nicki Minaj?

This quiz is based on the best female rapper known to man, she goes by the name of Nicki Minaj, you might know her but do you really KNOW her? Well if you're not sure then find out.

In a few minutes you wil findout if your really updated on Nicki Minaj and whether you know her or not. Shes a global star who really goes the extra mile, can you handle that? Goodluck to you.

Created by: Candy20

  1. Do you know who she is!
  2. What is her full name?
  3. When was she born?
  4. Where did she move at the age of 5?
  5. What are her occupations?
  6. What are her two best instruments?
  7. How long has this female rapper been active?
  8. What lables is she signed with?
  9. Her current stage name is Nicki minaj, but it wasnt her first choice, which of the following was?
  10. What reiigion does she belong to?
  11. What is her sexuality?
  12. Who are her two heroes?
  13. Which family member of hers died in July 2011?
  14. What is her favourite colour!
  15. What album has she released just recently?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nicki Minaj?