DON'T COME IN HERE!!! *hides in corner*

Hello! This is just a random thinggy that I felt like making. Nothing special, just a lot of random stuff on my part. Nicki: I WILL NOT STAY WITH THE REST OF MY MOM'S KIDS!!!!!

Nicole: It's okay, Nicki. You'll be fine, I promise. Just ask Liz how she first felt when she found out her mom wasn't dead. Nicki: Liz, how did you feel when you found out your mom wasn't dead? Me: 0_o No comment....

Created by: liz_king97
  1. Hi! This is Nicole King. You'll find out who I am later. I'm a friend of Liz's, though. ;) Some of you may already know me...
  2. Nicki Hale here. Sorry if I seem pessimistic, I just got claimed by Venus, the goddess of LOVE. *gags* I mean, seriously?!
  3. Elizabeth Princeton: Hi. Yeah, I'm three years older than Liz King. Well, Nicki is two years younger. Does it look like I care? I don't. And neither should you.
  4. Am I really supposed to fill in all twelve question boxes?! Wait! :D I know how to get around that! Yeah, so I see you've already met four parts of me. Here's to the fifth, Elizabeth King!
  5. AAAAAAHHHH!!! ABCDEFG, gummy bears are chasing me!
  6. LAST ONE!!!

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