How well do you know Pewdiepie?

Hey bros!This is a quiz that lets you know how much you know about our favorite sweden youtuber, Pewdiepie!So,you know,if your intrestested in knowing the answer to this question take this quiz!I would also apreceate things like ratings and ideas for new quizzes and all that jazz.

Now just in case anybody is actually reading this,i'd like you to know that all of these questions are insane and wickedly easy for any one to do.Also you can hate me for your score,but i don't care,but if you say you hate pewds or any thing that invovles that,*in demonic voice*thats where it gets ugly.*back to normal voice*thank you *brofist* by-hiiiiiiiii

Created by: Island Hitler

  1. What is Pewdiepie's real name?
  2. What did he name the golden statue in Amnesia?
  3. What is the common sentence he makes the dad say to the kid in Happy Wheels?
  4. What is pewdie's pug's name?
  5. what is pewdiepie's best guy friend's name?
  6. what color are pewdie's eyes?
  7. what did he name the rock he found in amnesia?
  8. what does pewdie do at the end of most his videos?
  9. these next 3 questions dont count,okay?
  10. you like the quiz?
  11. rate please?
  12. comment?
  13. okay next one counts!
  14. see ya bros byy-hiiiii *bro fists screen*

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pewdiepie?