Smash Bros: Your Knowledge

Smash Bros is a game. You play it. You beat it. But how much do people know about Smash Bros. Did you know it started in 1999. Did you know, Did you know, Did you know...

How much do YOU know about Smash Bros? There's a lot of things you probably didn't know and that's what this quiz is for, to teach you about Smash Bros.

Created by: Aiden
  1. Which was one of the eight original characters in Smash Bros?
  2. How many games are in the series?
  3. Which is a brand new character in Smash Bros from Fire Emblem?
  4. Which is a clone
  5. Which info is true?
  6. Halfway Done! Are you happy about that?
  7. Luigi? Were you playable in SSB for the N64?
  8. Chuck Norris in Smash Bros. Would be AWESOME!, Right?
  9. How many levels of target test are there?
  10. Who is the boss of Classic Mode?

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Quiz topic: Smash Bros: my Knowledge