The Subspace Emisarry Quiz

Super Smash Bros Brawl is an epic game for everyone. Sure the brawling itself is good, but the true Adventure Mode lies in the Subspace Emisarry. From there is a world of trophies, shadows and Subspace. From there is a world of fantasy, epicness and darkness.

Do you dare challenge the evil forc known as the Subspace Army and tackle the all-mighty Tabuu? But first, you must train yourself on Primids, Goombas and ROBs and also this quiz. You must know the Subspace Emisarry in its every way. For when you get the knowledge of Subspace, then you can conquer it.

Created by: theguy1234
  1. Which enemy is first fought in the beginning?
  2. Who is the first boss you encounter?
  3. What is the stage that appears after you complete Midair Stadium?
  4. Which two fighters are used in The Jungle?
  5. Which fighter was captured by Bowser with a dark cannon in The Jungle?
  6. Bowser is in command of what types of enemies?
  7. Who orders Ganondorf to capture all the fighters in the World of Trophies?
  8. Luigi is turned into a trophy by whom?
  9. The Ancient Minister tries to drop another Subspace bomb onto the Battlefield Fortress, but is foiled by whom?
  10. Which enemy is immune to all fire attacks?
  11. Which enemy is NOT immune to water?
  12. All of the fighters in Subspace are turned into trophies except for whom?
  13. Which fighter is hiding in a cardboard box in the Halberd?
  14. Olimar's Pikmin are trying to take down what enemy?
  15. All of the bosses appear in the Subspace Emisarry except:
  16. Which group of enemies are considered "mini-bosses?"
  17. Who rescued Diddy Kong from Rayquaza?
  18. Which pair of bosses have a one hit KO move?
  19. Who fired a dark cannon that turned Bowser into a trophy?
  20. When Kirby runs to find help, who does he leave behind that is captured by Bowser?
  21. Which group of enemies were the only ones to appear in cutscenes?
  22. Using worlds that were absorbed into Subspace, Tabuu uses them to create what?
  23. Which enemy only appeared in the Battleship Halberd Exterior and no where else?
  24. Which pair of fighters convinced Ganondorf to fight for their side?
  25. Which boss has to be fought twice before entering the Great Maze?
  26. Where did Shadow Bugs originate?
  27. In the Lake Shore, who is fought first?
  28. Which enemy can not be defeated by any attack?
  29. Which enemy has another form underneath its regular form that doesn't do any damage?
  30. In the Ruined Zoo, who captures Ness?
  31. Who infiltrates King Dedede's castle and steals a trophy of Peach/Zelda
  32. On top of Glacial Peak, who does Meta Knight have to battle?
  33. When Samus locates her power suit, who tries to stop her from putting it on?
  34. In the Ruins, which unlockable fighter is avaliable to do battle and let him/her join the Subspace Emisarry?
  35. Which pair of stages have "day changing doors?"
  36. After the Isle of the Ancients is absorbed into Subspace, what is released from it?
  37. Which enemy multiplies itself in order to outnumber a fighter?
  38. Who sent the Great Fox down and burning?
  39. When Tabuu tried to turn all the fighters a second time, who stopped him?
  40. When Tabuu is finally defeated, what happens after?

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