Your Game Of Thrones Job

I absolutely love the Game Of Thrones, and I decided to make a quiz to decide on what would your job be in the GOT Universe. If you didn't like the result that's ok.

Will you be the new Hand Of King/Queen, The Master Of Coin or Whispers. Or a valiant knight in the Westeros world. Or something else. Come then, enter the Iron Throne. Also be reminded some of this questions may not be as obvious as it seemed.

Created by: Sam
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  1. Which Is Your Favourite House?
  2. Who Deserves The Iron Throne? (Deserved as in Best For Not Right By Blood)?
  3. Jon Snow Tells You That The White Walkers Will Attack Westoras. You?
  4. In Your School/Student Council, You are?
  5. A Youtube Channel You Know Or Like.
  6. Who do you admire?
  7. Your favorite quote?
  8. You have been accused of Treason! You.
  9. Who Is The Smartest?
  10. How Many Times did you go to Church this Month?
  11. You hear that Danerys has landed on Westoras. Cersei has promised if you side with her, she will make you the new Warden Of South. You know Danerys has 3 Dragons.
  12. You have taken the Iron Throne. Your first decision is to choose your Hand.
  13. The North Has Risen In Revolt. Rob Stark Has Never Lost A Battle. You Choose who as your Lord Commander? (Tywin is assumed unavailable).
  14. You have 20,000 bannerman to take the throne. You are vastly outnumbered (3:1). You must secure a marriage alliance to gain allies. You marry?
  15. You have Won the War. However you hear a large number of wilding now move to attack the Wall. Marching to the Wall might mean a revolt at home.
  16. Finally. You are dying, your son is your heir but he is merely 3 years old. You decide on forming a Regency Council Of 3. You Choose (There is a hidden reason why they together).

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