Game Of Thrones Telltale Series

Telltales have made some great games such as Walking Dead, Wolf Among us, and so on. Today we take a look at Game Of Thrones. Do you think you can pass this test?

How smart are you when it comes to Game Of Thrones? Are you going to survive and prove that you are indeed a genius? Or utterly fail proving you deserve nothing more than getting your head chopped off.

Created by: Jerome
  1. Who is the first character you are able to play with?
  2. Who is the first character murdered in the game?
  3. Gared made a promise to Lord Forrester before his death. What was it?
  4. What does Talia give Gared before he is sent to the Wall?
  5. Ethan can be given 3 names. Which IS NOT one of them.
  6. How does Ramsay Snow execute Ethan?
  7. Why was Asher sent to Essos?
  8. "When you play the Game Of Thrones. You win or you die." Who said this famous quote?
  9. Why did Lady Margaery refuse to invite Mira to Tommen's Convention Feast?
  10. Who gets to decide Sentinel of the house?
  11. What does Gwyn propose to Rodrick during their private meeting?
  12. What is Gared's punishment for killing Britt?
  13. What is Daenery's request to Asher?
  14. What does Talia want Rodrick to do with the traitor?
  15. What was Sera's secret to Mira?
  16. "They can live in my new world, or die in their old one." Who said this famous quote?
  17. From youngest to oldest, what is the age group of Lord & Lady Forrester's children?
  18. True or False? Gryff and Ludd will both be dead at the end of the game.
  19. What was Morgryn's proposal to saving Mira's life?
  20. What is the famous quote said upon each Forrester?

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