Should I Watch Game of Thrones?

Should you watch Game of Thrones? Hmmmmm. Certain scenes really bother people. Can you see past some really messed up stories? Take the quiz and find out.

Will you enjoy Game of Thrones? It really depends. That's why you should take this quiz. It's pretty interesting though if you do get into it. It rules.

Created by: Serge

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  1. Do you like seeing kids in a position of power?
  2. Does homosexuality bother you?
  3. Does violence bother you?
  4. Knights are cool?
  5. I like watching multiple stories that will clash in the end?
  6. Dragons are cool?
  7. Power thirsty characters are fun to watch?
  8. Zombies are cool?
  9. A brother and sister having kids is weird?
  10. Getting revenge on religious people is fine?
  11. I like watching the underdog succeed?
  12. I can deal with stories about characters who don't matter much to the overall outcome of the show?
  13. A young girl turning into an assassin is pretty cool?

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