How Well Do You Know Game of Thrones?

This isnt a quiz about how well you know Game of Thrones actions and deaths, but more trivia about the actors and cool facts about them! Have fun and enjoy!

How well do you know the Game of Thrones actors? Do you know what happened to Sansa's Dire Wolf after it died in the show? You'll be surpriesd, and in my case, heart warmed.

Created by: William Stokes
  1. Which 2 roles were played by other actors in the original pilot?
  2. Which 2 characters auditioned for each other's roles?
  3. Which Stark child, in real life, adopted their Dire Wolf (yes, someone did that)?
  4. What language in thw show actaully exists, but by a different name?
  5. What character changed roles because the original went on to star on a movie? (Note: all these changed actors, but which for that reason)
  6. What is wrong with the appearence of the Targaryen kids in the TV show compared to the books?
  7. Which 2 characters are alive in the books tht died in the TV show?
  8. Who in the books is named Asha?
  9. The actor who play Stannis Baratheon's son plays who?
  10. Who was George R. R. Martin's first chpice for their role?
  11. Which of the following was a TV show or movie that Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) did NOT appear in?
  12. Which character's disability is real?
  13. Which character's disability is real?
  14. Which of these movies did Grand Maester Pycell's actor NOT appear in?
  15. Who was a sex symbol in the 60's?
  16. What country banned the viewing of Game of Thrones?
  17. It is implied the Night King may have been part of one of the main houses. Which one?
  18. In real life, scientists have done studies that prove that the Mountain could crush Prince Oberan's head. True of False?
  19. Who did scientists say would win based of of the statistics in Game of Thrones?
  20. In the Seasons so far(1-6), hiw many on screen deaths have there been?
  21. There are many ways to say "Hodor" that mean difderent things according to the producers. How many? (Differece in tones, length, pitch, etc.)
  22. What assasination is based off of something real?
  23. How many calories does the Mountain eat everyday? (Normal-2,500)
  24. Each of the 7 Kingdoms has a surname for b------s, like Jon and Ramsey, of the North, are Snow. Which kingdom isnt matched with the correct surname? (Hint: The surname has something corresponding to the kingdom)
  25. What city is George R. R. Martin's image of Atlantis?
  26. What is Greensight?
  27. Who is the Night's King?
  28. Who is the Night King? (Different than the Night's King)

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