Are you a TRUE Game of Thrones fan?

WARNING THIS QUIZ IS VERY HARD!! Most people think they know about Game of Thrones, but this test is about to separate the commoners from the lords and ladies, and the lords and ladies from the kings and queens!

Do you think you know it all? Find out if you're truly fit to call yourself a true Game of Thrones fan, and find out if you have earned yourself a seat on the Iron Throne

Created by: Hope
  1. What is the name of the book series?
  2. What is the most widely accepted fan theory called?
  3. What house is Lady Olenna Tyrell originally from?
  4. What is the b****rd name in the Westerlands?
  5. Chaos is...
  6. What is the actor who plays Varys' real name?
  7. Who killed Jon Arryn?
  8. Who tried to have Bran killed when he was in a coma?
  9. What do the Ashai'i call the person prophesied to save the world from the second long night?
  10. What were Stannis Baratheon's last words when Brienne of Tarth slew him for murdering Renly Baratheon?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Game of Thrones fan?