Which game of thrones character are you?

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Characters of game of thrones are complex yet very easy to understand. What makes them do what they do can be hard. Some of them favor love over family while others deeply cares about their swords.

Which game of thrones character of you? IF you'd like to figure that out, you've come to the right place! In this quiz we will find out who you are meant to be and who you take after.

Created by: Moon
  1. What's your favorite hobby?
  2. what's your favorite color
  3. Would you consider yourself girly or manly?
  4. Do you care for love?
  5. male or female?
  6. House stark or house lannister?
  7. Dragons or Wolves ?
  8. Do you care about slavery ?
  9. Family or love?
  10. what's your self defense technique

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