Which Game of Thrones Character are you?

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This is a quiz to determine which Game of Thrones character you are. There are hundreds of characters so it is hard to keep track of whose who so here are some of the best loved characters.

Will you be like Arya Stark, or like Daenerys, mother of dragons. Take this quiz to find out. I bet you're all hoping you don't get Joffrey! ;-)

Created by: booksandfilms
  1. Out of the following, which animal are you most drawn to?
  2. Which of these places would you most like to live?
  3. Which of these objects do you most desire?
  4. Which of these mottos sounds the coolest to you?
  5. Choose a saying...
  6. If you became King/Queen what would you do?
  7. Choose a weapon
  8. Which colour are you most drawn to?
  9. Pick a movie...
  10. Which out of these jobs would you most like to do?
  11. Pick a TV series

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Quiz topic: Which Game of Thrones Character am I?