Are you a true Game Of Thrones fan?

/!\ WARNING /!\ There are spoilers in here, I even spoiled season 1 for you so do this test at your own risk. I know you'll do it anyway. Whatever. I'm not your mom.

So, guess what? This is a test to let you know whether you are a TRUE Game Of Thrones fan or not. Many people say they are, but some just say bulls---. Let's go, this will only take a few moments of your life!!

Created by: chubbychicken
  1. Did you read the books?
  2. What did you think of Joffrey?
  3. Who killed Joffrey?
  4. What's the name of the author of Game Of Thrones?
  5. How many dragons does Daenerys possess?
  6. Who saved Tyrion's life?
  7. Where does Tyrion get a scar?
  8. Who killed Jon Arryn?
  9. What did Shae call Tyrion?
  10. Why did Tyrion kill Shae?
  11. What is the "sight" ?
  12. Should Jon Snow and Ygritte have stayed in the cave?
  13. Do you ship Sam and Gilly?
  14. What are the words of the house Stark?
  15. How did Robert Baratheon die?

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