What do you remember bout SSE?

So.... for starters, what do you think SSE is? Is you said Subspace Emissary, ur right! It's the adventure mode in Super Smash Brops. Brawl. I just felt like makin a quiz about it.

This quiz is mostly about the different cutscenes in between parts of the actual fighting business. If u paid attention while u played, u'll be fine! Anmd 1 other thing... TURN UR WII OF RIGHT NOW!! I hate cheaters.

Created by: Costa
  1. In one stage you are in the Blue Falcon making an escape from somewhere. Who do you have to beat to clear the stage?
  2. What happens to all of the Pikmin who aren't destroyed by the R.O.B.'s spin?
  3. How does Pikachu get tortured?
  4. Where do Samus and Pikachu meet?
  5. This question is really ez... what move does Ike use to destroy the Subspace bomb?
  6. What enemy rushes at you continuously if u wake it up?
  7. What is common about Donkey Kong and Ness?
  8. How is Snake discovered?
  9. Why does Link attack Pit and Mario?
  10. Pretty ez quiz rite? What is the Ancinet Minister?

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Quiz topic: What do I remember bout SSE?