Super Smash Bros Brawl: The Test

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Super Smash Bros Brawl is awesome! And so is Pizza! In fact There's nothing better in the whole world(except me)! Go ME! Not you, me. Me! ME!

But do you know a lot about SSBB? And more importantly, do you deserve my Pizza? Take the test and find out! You're probably not going to get my pizza.

Created by: Kraton9000
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  1. How many games are there in the Super Smash Bros. Series?
  2. What character is rated the lowest?
  3. How many players can play at the same time in SSBB?
  4. What is the only trophy that cannot be broken with a golden hammer?
  5. How many blocks does SSBB take up in the Wii save data?
  6. Does Mario like Pizza?
  7. Do I like Pizza?
  8. Why does every question have Pizza?
  9. Is SSBB fun?
  10. Do I have SSBB?
  11. Am I Cool?

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