How much do you know about SSBB?

Do you know about that cool new game, Super Smash Bros Brawl? Having record sales all over? People are playing it a lot, and as a result, they know a lot of stuff about it.

But! This is the important thing. Do YOU have knowledge about this nice game? Can YOU qualify yourself an expert? Well find out here!.... *click* here!!!!!!

Created by: Thadster
  1. Is Roy a character in Brawl?
  2. What game is this in the series?
  3. Toon Link, Link, and Young Link are all here!
  4. How many characters are there from Kirby?
  5. What is a Final Smash?
  6. What color is Zelda's hair?
  7. When Kirby swallows Samus, he (graphically) gets...
  8. There is a glitch concerning Bowser and his Final Smash.
  9. The heart container used in a vs. match restores...
  10. Bulborbs yawn.
  11. In a stock match, you can have up to...
  12. When Kirby swallows an opponent and jumps off a ledge, it is called a...
  13. smart bombs can be duds

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about SSBB?