The Super Smash Bros Smashing Quiz

Do you know super smash bros?? Have you even heard of the game series?? Super smash bros is an extremely fun and addicting game series of 5 games where Nintendo characters from different franchises come together on the battlefield and fight to win.

This quiz will test your knowledge of this game series. This quiz will not be easy so you must prepared. If your not go back as you will not do will on this quiz. If you are still here good luck because you are gonna need it. You have been warned. Now good luck and have fun taking my hard smash bros quiz!!!

Created by: whovian1
  1. Who were the two unlock-able characters in super smash bros (for n64) that did not get a stage???
  2. Which character was the only character (aside from the other character in its franchise) to have two stages in super smash bros (for n64).
  3. How do you unlock Luigi in the N64 version?
  4. How do you unlock Ness in the N64 version?
  5. Which newcomer in super smash bros melee has a similar move set to captain falcon except is much slower but more powerful??
  6. Name one character from melee that was a clone of another character.
  7. What is one of my favorite stages to play on from melee (hint it was one of the only few melee stages in super smash bros 4 and there is another stage in SSB4 that has this name in it).
  8. In Super Smash Bros Brawl what will players look back on this game with the memory of?? (Each choice describes one of the 5 smash bros games (3ds and Wiiu).
  9. What game system is super smash bros brawl for??
  10. What year was super smash brawl released??
  11. What new feature was added in Brawl?
  12. In Super smash bros brawl how many copy characters were there? (Not including the original character)
  13. In super smash bros brawl how many bosses were there?
  14. Which newcomer in brawl would have his move set changed a little bit from brawl to #4 and was followed by 2 newcomers from the same franchise in the new game?
  15. True or False Super smash bros for the 3ds was originally be supposed to be released during the summer but it got delayed to October.
  16. What was the first country/continent to get super smash bros for 3ds?
  17. Super smash bros for Wiiu just released on 12/6/14 for japan.
  18. How big was the overall roster in super smash bros 4?
  19. What are the new action figures that can now join your fight in SSB4 for only $12 called?
  20. Nintendo has made it so you can use the _________________ (answer for last question) for other games aside from smash bros.
  21. Super smash bros 5 will be secretly released in a year for the 2ds and they just confirmed it the day I typed this.
  22. Did you notice that I did the games in a certain order??
  23. Why do you think I did that?
  24. Okay, these last few questions will go a little bit out of order are you ready?? Good. What year did the original smash bros release.
  25. How many years later was the release of melee?
  26. How many newcomers were their in super smash bros 4? (The mii fighter counts as one)
  27. How many years later was Super smash bros 4's release from melee?? (plot-twist).
  28. Which character from the the original 12 had one of his moves changed from melee to brawl?
  29. Alright a question about brawl. Hmmm... Oh I got it: What new character from the metroid series was added in brawl.
  30. Ok last question, what is your favorite game???

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