Could We Be Friends In Real Life?

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This is just a fun test to see if we might be good friends in real life. THIS IS NOT A DIAGNOSTIC; if we're already friends in real life and you score low, that doesn't mean I want to stop being your friend! ^^

On the other hand, if don't know me in real life and score low, that doesn't mean I'm not willing to give it a shot anyway. If you score high, then great! But it doesn't guarantee that it'll work. At any rate, this is just for fun! :)

Created by: tenten16

  1. Are we friends here on GoToQuiz?
  2. What type of music do you like to listen to? If more than one, choose your favorite.
  3. Are you obsessed with yourself? Do you always talk about yourself and/or your accomplishments?
  4. Are you talkative? Do you like to hold a steady conversation with your friends?
  5. With your friends, how much of the talking do you do?
  6. Have you ever struggled with an eating disorder, cutting, thoughts of suicide, or something related?
  7. Do you think you're mature?
  8. Do you like to have lots of friends around you?
  9. When you go shopping (with friends), where do you like to go?
  10. Do you like to just kick back and relax sometimes?
  11. Do you truly care about your friends?
  12. Just for kicks: what's your favorite color?
  13. Thanks for taking my quiz! I just covered the basics here, so I might make another later on. You rock! (Your answer has no effect on result)

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