Do You Know the Real Ylana?

I know there are some people who know me and some people who don't. This is a test to sort out my friends from acquaintances. Don't worry though, I won't hold your score against you lol.

Do you know the real Ylana? Are you willing to find out? Well if you are, here is the quiz for you. Think hard because I may have told you the answers before!

Created by: Ylana

  1. What was my original college major?
  2. Who came up with my middle name, Ivory?
  3. How would you best describe my personality?
  4. Where was my favorite vacation at?
  5. What are all of my siblings names?
  6. What do I have recurring dreams about?
  7. What religion is closest to my beliefs?
  8. Have I ever been to jail?
  9. What are my 3 favorite alcoholic beverages?
  10. What type of business do I have?
  11. Where does my mom live?
  12. How did I get my 1st car?
  13. Is family important to me?
  14. What states have I stayed in for 6 months or more?
  15. What main things do I look for in a friend/boyfriend?
  16. What country do I most want to visit?
  17. Who am I a volunteer for?
  18. Where did I win a trip to?
  19. What is my disposition?
  20. Do I believe in God?
  21. Do I believe in God?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know the Real Ylana?