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Ok, you might know that Dan Gable is an amazing wrestler from the state of Iowa. You might know Nile Kinnick is the only Heisman Trophy winner to compete in an Iowa school. You might know that Don Bosco dominates wrestling in Iowa on a consistant basis. But how well do you really know Iowa sports?

Do you think you know Iowa sports very well? Try doing great on this test, even if you need to cheat. Let's see how well you can impress me. Take this.

Created by: Jeremy
  1. In 1958, Iowa was awarded National Champions in football, the only one to date. Who coached the 1958 Hawkeyes to that title?
  2. Out of the colleges In Iowa, which one was the first to win the NCAA Championships in wrestling?
  3. What position did Jack Trice play for Iowa State, which Iowa State's football stadium is named after?
  4. 1973, 1997, and 2004 are the only years the Iowa Cubs have made it to the finals, How many of those were they National Champions?
  5. When was the last time the Iowa Barnstormers made it to the Arena Bowl?
  6. How many Clark Cup Championship (USHL National Championship) has the Des Moines Buccaneers won?
  7. What was the nickname given to the 1939 Iowa Hawkeye football team, which featured Heisman winner Nile Kinnick.
  8. This player was one of the first superstars in Major League Baseball and the first to have 3,000 hits. His father was the founder of the Iowa town "Marshalltown."
  9. Which Humbolt native was the first American to be World Champion in wrestling?
  10. Adolf Rupp, Hall of Fame basketball coach for Kentucky, was the head coach for Marshalltown High School when they won the State Championship in 1926. What sport was he the coach for?
  11. From 1999-2002, Marshalltown's Jeff Clement broke the National High School baseball record for career home runs. How many did he hit?
  12. This high school team has has the most state boys basketbal titles, runner ups, and finals appearances.
  13. Iowa State Cyclones have been to 10 bowl games. How many have they won?
  14. With Iowa, ISU, UNI, and Drake being the 4 teams from the state of Iowa in D-1 basketball, which has made it to the Final Four the most times?
  15. What school has the most state titles in softball?
  16. Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller was born and raised in what Iowa town?
  17. Out of these 6 wrestlers, there is only 1 loss. 5 of them had undefeated completed careers. Which one had one loss?
  18. Who is the only coach to coach an Iowa state high school football title team and win a major bowl game (today's BCS bowl game)?
  19. Who is not one of the four NFL starters who had played under the late great Ed Thomas, Aplington-Parkersburg football coach for 37 years?

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