What region of Texas should you go to?

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This quiz is for when your going to go to Texas but not sure where to go in Texas. Once you get the results, you can stay at that region of Texas all of your vacation!

Simply just answer the yes or no on the questions and you'll get your result. WARNING: It is not my fault if your trip goes wrong. Good luck with the quiz and have a nice vacation!

Created by: Benjamin

  1. Is your region mostly european/white?
  2. Is your region mostly black/african?
  3. Is your region mostly hispanic/latino?
  4. Do you like the countryside?
  5. Are you in a urban area?
  6. Do you like the beach? (Counts for lakes and oceans)
  7. Do you like nature?
  8. What is your favorite climate?
  9. I don't have more questions so this and the next question doesn't count.
  10. This question doesn't count. I didn't have any more questions.

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Quiz topic: What region of Texas should I go to?