How much of a Texan are you

There are TONS of people who "think" they know EVERYTHING about Texas, try and "pick up the Texas accent", and "think" that all Texans wear cowboy boots, and chaps, and all that stuff, but what if they're wrong? WHAT if they're dead wrong? And what if you are actually more Texan than you think?

Are YOU a true Texan? Or are you just a big fat lier who "CLAIMS" to know EVERYTHING about Texas!! Well, we'll see about that!! Take this test, if you think you'll survive it.

Created by: MistyStorm
  1. Complete this sentence: The _____ Cowboys play in ______ Texas.
  2. Complete this sentence: President _____ has a house in Texas.
  3. Pick an item(s) that YOU would expect most Texans have in their backyard.
  4. Which tempeture(s) does Texas usually have in the summer? (in Fahrenheit)
  5. How many state animals does Texas have?
  6. Pick a Texas city.
  7. Pick a common Texas flower. (If you're from Texas, pick the one you KNOW is a Texas flower)
  8. How many colors are on the Texas flag?
  9. Pick a common Texan phrase
  10. Name a place in Texas.
  11. Name another place.
  12. Name ANOTHER place.
  13. Which state touches Texas?
  14. How many stars does the Texas flag have?
  15. Which transportation is best for Texas?
  16. Was Texas in a drought in 2008?
  17. Is Texas in a drought in 2009?
  18. Which spider is most common in Texas?
  19. You still have a loonng way to go. Bored yet?
  20. Where was HEB originated?
  21. When was HEB created?
  22. If you live in Waco, about how many hours does it take you to get to Arkansas?
  23. Almost done. What kind of accents do most Texans have?
  24. Four more!! When did Texas become a state?
  25. Finnish this sentence: Texas is the __ ____ state.
  26. Finnish this sentence: If it can't poison you, burn you, bite you, or eat you, its (a) ______.
  27. Finnish this sentence: There are definitely more ____ than _____ in Texas.
  28. Last question (Also hardest.)How many SPAINISH missions are in Texas?

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