How Much Texan Are You

Are you a Texan well Proove itwith this quiz you can see if you really have what it take to be a Texan. from living in the big city to the courty.thank you for your time and good luck. Take this quiz and find out.

Texans have certian chacteristics that no one else has. do you have it? it is an Honor to say that you are a Terxan because no one else can. Texas is truley great. Just Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: Jacob
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  1. When saying hi to someone or a group of people how do you say it?
  2. On the Texas flag whithout looking it up which color is on top?
  3. What is the State Bird
  4. Is Texas the only state in the the Union to have the privilage to fly at the same height of the American Flag
  5. What was the battle that was a turning point in the war aginst Mexico when Texas was fighting for its independence?
  6. what is your favorite coke?
  7. what kind of vehicle do you drve
  8. have you ever had a T-Bone steak that seemed like it was cooked by a god? and not at a resturant either.
  9. What was the former name of Texas when it was its own nation?
  10. Have you ever chased a rbbit, fox, coyote, deer through a pasture with ur friends shooting at it out the window at night?

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