How Texan Are You?

Some people say that they are real Texans, but how do you know who's telling the truth and who's not??? This quiz will tell it all! It has everything a real Texan would know. You would have to be a real Texan to make up this quiz and that's what I am... A Texan.

Are you a Texan? Do you have what it takes to survive with a bunch of redneck Texans?? This quiz will prove it all. In just a few minutes you will be able to find out if you can hang with the toughest!

Created by: Hillary
  1. Whats the State Bird?
  2. How Many MLB Baseball Teams Does Texas Have?
  3. What is the Alamo?
  4. Which College is NOT in Texas?
  5. Which is the Biggest City in Texas?
  6. What was the Original Name of the Houston Astros?
  7. Which Country Singer is From Texas?
  8. What is the State Tree?
  9. Whats Texas State Dish?
  10. What Texas Town Was the Site of the Worst Natural Disaster to Ever Happen(hint-It Was On September 8,1900)?
  11. Who is Known As the Father Of Texas?
  12. Which President Was Assassinated in Dallas on November 22,1963?
  13. Which State is Bigger Than Texas?
  14. What is the State insect?
  15. What is Texas's State Sport?
  16. What is the Capitol of Texas?
  17. What Drink was Supposely Invented in Texas?
  18. Whats the State Flower?
  19. What are the Colors on the Texas Flag?
  20. How many Flags Has Texas Had Over It?

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Quiz topic: How Texan am I?