How Texan Are You?

These are for people who think they know all the basics their is to know about Texas. Texan is, after all, quite impressive. What is a Texan? A Texan is someone who has knowledge of Texas facts, is able to love their state, and see the Lone Star State as an entirely novel point of view.

Are you Texan? Do you have the basic skills to answer basic questions about Texas? With this short 10 question quiz, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge of Texas facts. Many may think they know all their is to know about Texas. Trust me, this is a very simple quiz and failing it should be a crime, at least in Texas. Take your time. Do your best and Don't Mess with Texas!!!

Created by: Manuel Saenz, Jr.
  1. In which city is the Texas State Capitol located?
  2. What is the largest city in Texas?
  3. Texas is a BIG state. Only 1 state in the USA is larger...
  4. Which state does not border Texas?
  5. What is the state's nickname?
  6. What is the state motto?
  7. What's the name of the state song?
  8. What is the state bird?
  9. What is the state flower?
  10. What is the state's tree?

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Quiz topic: How Texan am I?