Reality and it's twists

I got this idea, think about GTQ. How you can be friends on here with someone so easily. In real life, it's harder. In real life (Reality) it's all about looks but on here, as are hadly judged. Unless maybe you show a pic. That I don't think is likey.

I got this idea, think about GTQ. How you can be friends on here with someone so easily. In real life, it's harder. In real life (Reality) it's all about looks but on here, as are hadly judged. Unless maybe you show a pic. That I don't think is likey.

Created by: singin234

  1. The bright blinding sun. It was right on my face, I had just had sport and I was walking home. I felt like I was going to catch on fire. I guess my hair was sticking out everywhere and my fringe stuck to my face. I slowly walked past the shop, my feet ached with everystep. "I got hangover..." My phone was ringing, I pulled it out of my pocket. I looked at the screen 'Jess' I don't want to deal with her right now. Answering the phone I say "Hey Jess" I can hear of breathing "Right...Hi. So...I Was just ringing to ask if Amy had said anything bad about me" I feel like screaming. This was the third day that Amy and Jess had been fighting. I was on Amy's side, Amy and I used to fight and I don't want it to happen again. Jess used to live next store to me, she is a year younger. "Jess, I don't really care. Go ring someone else, I don't have the time to deal with you" I clicked her off. Amy told Jess her Cush and Jess told him. Jess said she didn't but we don't believe her. I keep walking until I reach my house. It feels like forever, since I Have been here but only like 6 hours of more. I open the door amd chuck my bad on the floor. Slipping off my shoes, I head for my bed room. I turn on the fan and sit on my bed. Then I get another call...from Amy
  2. I quickly answer it "Hey Amy" I say. She laughs "Hey ___. Did Jess ring you" Amy asks. More Drama "Yeah, I didn't tell her anything though. She drives me crazy, that girl. How is Kate, is she dealing with Jo" Kate and Jo are also fighting. "Yeah, Kates over it. I know Jess has just lost my trust and she still thinks we are friends. We are not! She has lost my tust" Amy tells me for like the thrid time. "Yeah and when someone loses your trust, they don't get it back easily" I told her, remembering last year when we were fighting. It took me three days to get her Tust back and that was amazing. "Yeah, well I have to go. Kate and I are going to the skate park. Wanna come" I did want to but I just not in the mood "No thanks, it's way too hot. I'll stick to home" "Okay see ya later" Later...oh school "Yeah Bye" I says tiredly and cover my face with a pillow
  3. I feel like screaming, Or kicking someone. Then the door bell rings "Uggh" I say madly pulling myself up. When I get to the door a open it. A guy with balck hair and sparking blue, stands there. Behind him, hugging his leg is a little girl. She has long brown hair that is up in piggytails and blue/grey eyes. He is hiding a laugh "sorry to turn up like this but we are lost" I look in the mirror. My hair is sticking everywhere, I take it about and get it shake it around. So it looks better. "Your hair is pretty" The little girl tells me in Azmaed tone. "Thanks" I tell her and turn to the guy. Before he can talk the girl asks "as she your girlfriend" The guy blushes "No, so we are lost. Where is ###" "Walk a block and the 2nd house on the right" I tell them leaning on the door. He starts walking away "Oh my name is Drake. So if we ever meet again-" "My name is May" The little girl cut in. Drake kept going "Oh by the way, you have business on your shoulder" Then he walked away with the little girl. I turn my head to see a huge spider on my shoulder. I jump and shake it off. I close the door, "Yuck"
  4. I start my homework, it feels like forever. At six the front door opens. My mum and my brother walk in. Wow mum looks tired, I think as I look at she sad face. My brother looks tried as well. "Hi" I tell them getting up to hug my mum. She walks right past me. Not saying a word, My brother Mac hugs me. "Pillow" he whispered. I moved away and walk up to my room. Having a nice cold shower sounds good. I garb my PJs and a towel. I walk into the bathroom, locking it behind me. I undress and then turn the shower on. I get in and the water is warm, I love things warm. I really wanted something cold but warm is good. After awhile I turn the shower off and get out. The mirror and fogged off and I feel dizzy. I see all these lines and my head hurts as everything comes back into view. I really have to tell someone about that. I wrap my towel around me and dry myself. Rushing to get dressed everything sticks to me like glue.
  5. I get into bed and start texeting. 'To ___ From Amy. Sent at 7:00. Hey Jess was at the stakie. I started telling her off and she is like "I didn't say it" How lame can you get right' I look at the time 7:01. I couldn't care less about Jess 'Yeah, I am so with you Amy!!' Amy wouldn't reply to that but in about a minute she did 'Ikr? So what ya up to' 'nothing much, I feel sick. I think I'll got to sleep night' I reply lying. I didn't feel sick but annoyed. 'Okay night' She said and I closed my eyes thinking about if Jess and Amy were friends again. I got to the point when I thought they would both kill eacthother. Then I dozed off into deep sleep
  6. -Next day at school- I waked up to Kate and Amy who was talking to Hadien. "Hey, what's up" I asked. Amy looked pissed "Just Jess, she can't just leave me alone" She complained. Then the bell rang and we went off to class. English was frist, great! I walk in and sit in my seat looking out the window. Amy sits beside me, looking at her nails and texting Kate from under the desk. The teacher starts teaching and I am about to fall asleep when a note hits my head. 'Tell Amy she is alittle S!*t yeah tell her to get a life and all. The best thing about this is, you don't know who I am' I didn't know the hand writing. I passed it to Amy and when she read it. Her face went red. Then a laugher is herd across the room. I stare and my eyes land on....
  7. I don't think I'll tell you the rest. Info about the people. Hadien: off limts. A year younger and small. Amy's EX. Still close though. Jess's age. Hadien is both sides and I don't really know who side he is on
  8. Kate: a year younger then Jess. Jo and Kate used to fight about netball, Kate hates it but still dose not forgive Jo for taking her spot. Kate is a good friend to Amy and Kate Is always on Amy's side
  9. Amy: Amy loves to be popular. She acts like Jane. Jane left the school and used to be close friends with me and Amy. Me and Amy also used to fight over her. Amy is also very confusing. Sometimes she is happy fpr me to be there and sometimes she needs space from me. Believes everything should be her way. Fun to me around but judges people too much
  10. Jess: I don't know alot about Jess. She loves to piss Amy off but wants to be her friend. -one time- Jess cries "It's happing to me right now people don't let me in" I had been though worse. -another time- "So am I back into the group" Jess asks Kate and me. Kate and I look at eacthother. I turn my back to Jess "your going to have to ask Amy" Jess said and we walked away.

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