What kind of artist are you?

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While science helps us understand the universe, art helps us appreciate it. The sum of human experience is preserved through our artistic expression and creativity.

You don't have to be an artist to take this quiz. Art comes in many forms: Literalist, fauvist, apocalyptic... the list is literally endless. Every great artist colors his or her work with his perceptions of reality. How does your individual reality shape your expression?

Created by: Yojne
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  1. What colors do you prefer?
  2. When drawing or painting, which textures do you prefer?
  3. A painted sun should be...
  4. Art should...
  5. Which (to you) would be a more interesting pencil sketch?
  6. Which color better represents evil?
  7. Which color better represents the taste of macadamia nuts?
  8. Which city is most beautiful?
  9. Which animal should be present in a charcoal sketch of ceiling fans?
  10. A curved line and a straight line could represent...

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Quiz topic: What kind of artist am I?