What's your Bridal Makeup Style?

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Many brides don't realize the options that they have when it comes to bridal makeup. Having a knowledgeable makeup artist makes a world of difference. Its will show in your pictures and how you feel on the most important day of your life!!

But before you hire a makeup artist, its only fair you ask yourself, what is YOUR Bridal Makeup Style? Pay attention to your answers in these questions, they are key to discovering your ideal look!

Created by: Lauren of Makeup
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  1. Your daily makeup routine consists of:
  2. What Star has the best personal style?
  3. Which cosmetic line is currently occupying the majority of your makeup bag?
  4. A typical DC/MD/VA weekend for you consists of:
  5. You want to try to play up this feature for your wedding day:
  6. Your getting married:
  7. Your accessories for your wedding day are:
  8. Your not happy with:
  9. False Lashes are a must for your wedding day look!
  10. Your wedding hair style will be:

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Quiz topic: What's my Bridal Makeup Style?