Are you a Special Effects Makeup Artist?

So many people claim to be Special Effects Makeup Artists. It seems that these days all you need is a subsciption to Fangoria and business card...But have you really got the skills? Have got the know how?

It's time to seperate the posers from the real Makeup Artists! Time to find out if you really know the difference between pros-aid and a prostate ! Take this quiz and prove you got what it takes!

Created by: Chris of Cynical Bastard Studios
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  1. Pros-aid is....
  2. Which of the following is not an adhesive?
  3. Who of the following is NOT a famous Special Effects Makeup Artist?
  4. Ultra-cal 30 is a type of....
  5. Skin illustrator is a type of...
  6. The working time time of GI-1000 silicone is
  7. The first thing you should do before even touching someone's face is....
  8. Do you own any clothing without latex, alginate or fiberglass resin imbedded in it?
  9. Which of the following cannot be used to bond alginate?
  10. What is the correct curing time and temp for foam latex?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Special Effects Makeup Artist?