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  • I got fresh and fun, makeup is worst thing ever in the whole world! I like natural beauty! Accurate quiz

    maham fatima Jun 14 '17, 1:39PM
  • ugh, people think that all girls have to have long hair. Little kids i know call me a boy because my hair is naturally curly. Somebody once said at work (A Little kid) "GET OUT OF THE GIRLS BATHROOM YOU ARE A BOY!" That made me so annoyed! yeah, are you guys going to say i am a boy too???????????????? ?? actually, i think you will.

    puppals1 Nov 11 '12, 12:11PM

    vanshika Aug 19 '12, 6:51AM
  • Fresh and fun :)

    flyer586 Feb 20 '12, 10:29PM
  • My look is always fresh, flawless,& natural :-)

    InsanMexa2 Dec 12 '10, 12:10PM
  • Natural? LoL, natural is the best look but what I meant is, I occasionally go natural but usually am wearing mascara and a bit of powder.

    MyNameisKaiti3 Oct 8 '10, 9:24PM
  • Fresh & Fun
    You want you makeup to be fairly simple, with flawless skin and layers of sheer colors that you've never tried before on the lips and cheeks. Your eyes should be done up minimally, with nude shadows & corner lashes, with very little eye liner, especially on the bottom. A pop of white eyeliner in the inner rims of the eye, and you've got your Fresh & Fun look!

    I like this look. I usually go natural with a bit of mascara and powder, and this look is good :D

    MyNameisKaiti3 Oct 8 '10, 9:23PM

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