Are You a Natural Beauty?

Are you pretty? Maybe with makeup, but could you be stunning withOUT makeup? Find out! See if you have the right to own the pristine title gorgeous. Will you be clear face, or pizza face?

I do not mean to belittle any one on here. I made this quiz for light hearted fun. It is not to be taken seriously. Also if you are a boy. BACK OFF! THIS QUIZ IS FOR GIRLS ONLY! Ok, got that every one?

Created by: eilloh
  1. Do you have a clear complexion?
  2. Do you have long eyelashes?
  3. What do you normally drink every day?
  4. Your hair is:
  5. Erm... How much do you eat?
  6. How are your teeth?
  7. Do you have full lips?
  8. Would you be comfortable with wearing no makeup?
  9. What is your daily makeup schedule for your eyes?
  10. What about the face?
  11. What about lips?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Natural Beauty?