what type of beauty are you:)??

everybody is beautiful in their own way. but just what exactly type of beauty do you represent? have you ever just wondered what is your look? this quiz will help you to figure that out.

by taking this quiz you will find out what kind of beauty you posses. by doing so you should have more fun finding clothes and accessories that look like YOU. rmember this wont be 100% accurate but it shoud be close if youre honest.so go ahead FIRE AWAY!!

Created by: the cookie monster
  1. what type of make up do you like?
  2. what color is your hair?
  3. what color are your eyes?
  4. whats your skin tone?
  5. whats your favorite type of outfit?
  6. how do you wear your hair?
  7. where would you like to visit?
  8. do you feel beatiful?
  9. man 12 questions...im stumped...umm who has best style the of these:
  10. ahh the last question....whats your dream job?

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Quiz topic: What type of beauty am I:)??